Wednesday, January 11, 2006.

UP next,WHo is E top Male LAtin Artist?
Lets Decide...

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today's topic is bout Latin Artist...
Who is e top female latin artist?

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Dis is frm e past

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Tuesday, January 10, 2006.

Selamat Hari Raya Haji!
Earlier i made a trip to national skin centre regardingmy acne probs..
cost me $$$209$$$...
Had to go for blood test= $105...quite ex lor!!!
E nurse was being gentle...
gal: just relax ur arm k...
erna: sure...smile2
den e needle is poke tru my veins...ouch!! a lil
dats ok wif me cos i'm cool wif needles but wen she pushed it deeper into my veins..twice..
dat almost made my face turned pale...
Mummy!!i wished i could shout dat out!!
i almost can wet my pants(but i didnt)

so dats hows blood test is carried out.. no more for me though!!!

i got a mth supply of med for my face..no creams needed.just e pills n it'l help..
insyaallah..85% o' e patients recovered frm dis annoying probs..
i wish i'l b part of dat too...amin..
i'l also need to apply lip moisturiser n moisturiser to my body n face once i start taking e pills...part of e side effects but it'l stop my acne frm popping up n gets dry up faster..
For e acne to rili stop..it'l take 6-9 months n it'l stop for life!!!worth it rite?!but if it were to pop up again..it'l b less serious den my present condition..
(sori if u find dis disgusted)

part of my new 06 resolution::
smile more,build up my self-confidence n b e tough cookie dat slim once woo-ed b4..

Anywu slim's back frm camp n is sleeping nw..tiring huh dear??poor babe...
he'l b back to his 2nd hm on 2100...

b..if ur readin dis..just wanna say..i forget to wish u sumting...
i luv u dear...(lil mushy)
(mau pegi Zouk kappa?!)khe2...

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I can nvr get tire o' Us:



ps:der r more cuming up...

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FOr my Love:
My luv for u is mixed thRu out my body
Sometimes i have e urge to stare at u the whole time,'
Because I Find u So Attractive despite e months we've bin 2geder.

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Thursday, January 05, 2006.

hi guys..must b wonderin wat m i doing at dis hr rite?
i've just recustomize my friendster's profile...hehe..after so long..
dis 20th will b my class reunion chalet at costa sand downtown east.
s for now..hazman,rahila,taufik,my dear,derrick,isaac r e confirm ones coming...
i've been trying to contact aden but she nvr reply or ans back..erm..wher did dis lady go???
anybody who knows her pls*10000 get her to sms me back..tank u..
slim's in camp nw... 3 more hrs b4 he has to wake up..
today i kinda miss him alot...
i rili hope he gets to come to e chalet asap once he book out..(but dnt speed k luv):>
i also hope dat dis chalet will b a gd one...
so left 15 more days til chalet day

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Tuesday, January 03, 2006.

Attention my fellow MacPherson mates!!!!i'm planning a class reunion chalet dis 20th..20 per person if u don mind..its onli 2 weeks away n if u r coming do inform me by dis week...i need to collect e money fast n book before next week...u can pass me in person or via account...
pls reply fast otay!!!i wish dis chalet can happen..anyting reply back at here or to my hp...98624661..tata!!!

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Monday, January 02, 2006.

So guys...how did u celebrate ur new yr?made ur resolutions d?
i've made mine.... i celebrated with my love,sis n lil cousin at east coast...
though it was too chaotic n misty der but its cool... to b standing next to my dear n wishin him hepi new year in person...aww...dats sumting i'm nt able to do each time we meet..
b4 e countdown,me n slim watched the chronicles of narnia at marina gv...good show... it was quite a rainy day but we had fun..
i tripped twice... pain on my kneecap n i almost dragged slim down e stairs...hehe
den while walkin on east coast pathway,i fell into a small hole n sprained my left ankle...trippy day for me huh?pathetic..shocked slim twice in one nite..kwang3...
we left east coast ard 1 plus.... n dats e latest i've bin out wif my dear... anywu..its already january n u noe wat?...my bday is just next month..arrgh!!!
i'm leaving my teen years d...n i'm still jobless....wtf?!khekhe...pardon e foulness..hehe...
i'm building my self-confidence more...putting my acne prob aside..i'm maintaining my relationship wif slim..tings bin fine n fun just being wif slim..
i'm learning to smile more...showing more of my golden teeth..khekhe...
i'm still not givin up on finding perm job..
i want to wrk...to start saving for my future...n who noes...settling down wif e luv o' my life if god willing...n if he wants too...(insyaallah)...

guys,(flo0307r)..2 yrs has past... e day we were classmates were e best yr ever...those fun times we had at our chalets..can nvr b erased off my mind..n yours too rite guys?...
all e funtimes... jokes... mr shafique..e cool teacher...sw... mr "peng" class.... those were e moments man...i never had so much wif my classmates b4 i know all o' u...nurul,sammy,sufian,suaad,hafiiz,kian lee... will always b part of our class though dey nvr graduate wif us...
derrick tan,suaad,isaac,devi,sumanti..without u guys..i wont b able to find my happiness wif salimie now...
tank u lots..muaaks for u guys!!!!(dont worry my saliva is nt acidic)hehe

so guys...how bout a class reunion chalet??we can meet up n chat all nite long...
just like old time...hope e reunion will happen...i miss u guys lots...
Cheers mate!!!

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So guys...how did u celebrate ur new yr?made ur resolutions d?
i've made mine.... i celebrated with my love,sis n lil cousin at east coast...
though it was too chaotic n misty der but its cool... to b standing next to my dear n wishin him hepi new year in person...aww...dats sumting i'm nt able to do each time we meet..
b4 e countdown,me n slim watched the chronicles of narnia at marina gv...good show... it was quite a rainy day but we had fun..
i tripped twice... pain on my kneecap n i almost dragged slim down e stairs...hehe
den while walkin on east coast pathway,i fell into a small hole n sprained my left ankle...trippy day for me huh?pathetic..shocked slim twice in one nite..kwang3...
we left east coast ard 1 plus.... n dats e latest i've bin out wif my dear... anywu..its already january n u noe wat?...my bday is just next month..arrgh!!!
i'm leaving my teen years d...n i'm still jobless....wtf?!khekhe...pardon e foulness..hehe...
i'm building my self-confidence more...putting my acne prob aside..i'm maintaining my relationship wif slim..tings bin fine n fun just being wif slim..
i'm learning to smile more...showing more of my golden teeth..khekhe...
i'm still not givin up on finding perm job..
i want to wrk...to start saving for my future...n who noes...settling down wif e luv o' my life if god willing...n if he wants too...(insyaallah)...

guys,(flo0307r)..2 yrs has past... e day we were classmates were e best yr ever...those fun times we had at our chalets..can nvr b erased off my mind..n yours too rite guys?...
all e funtimes... jokes... mr shafique..e cool teacher...sw... mr "peng" class.... those were e moments man...i never had so much wif my classmates b4 i know all o' u...nurul,sammy,sufian,suaad,hafiiz,kian lee... will always b part of our class though dey nvr graduate wif us...
derrick tan,suaad,isaac,devi,sumanti..without u guys..i wont b able to find my happiness wif salimie now...
tank u lots..muaaks for u guys!!!!(dont worry my saliva is nt acidic)hehe

so guys...how bout a class reunion chalet??we can meet up n chat all nite long...
just like old time...hope e reunion will happen...i miss u guys lots...
Cheers mate!!!

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Thursday, December 29, 2005.

went for an interview at singpost earlier on...haiz...bad2 choice...don wanna talk bout it... a pity slim's in camp...gotta keep it2myself for now..he's out o' camp 2mr..mebi at nite..
i gotta reboot my com...lost lots o' my pic...n even my sis's grad pics...pity her man...i also cant use e bluetooth cos e software is wif slim...haiz3...
just had bone stick..(sop tulang)...guess i was too angry(earlier on incident)dat my appetite was lil humongous...
now i'm waiting for slim's sms..if he didnt..his hp's batt too low..
anywu..last sat wen i met slim...he hugged me...dat feeling was nice...aww...just tingking bout it makes me hepi...
not rili sure if i'l b miting up wif slim dis week..all depends on my b lor...
miss ya babe...love ya too..without u...i'l b a living dead...muaaks!!

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Friday, December 23, 2005.

Yezza!slim wil b coming hm 2mr!!!!hopefully he gets to lif early...n if he does,i get to mit him ard 3 or 4...cant wait!!!
anywu,tonite i'l be out wif my big cutie cousin,kak hanim..i'l b miting her at toapayoh south cc,her wrkplace for bbq!!!yummy!!!
den we'l be heading down to sumwhere which i'm still clueless...
btw.. i've already use broadband but i'm stil puzzled how cum my msn connection kept disconnecting....erm.... piss off a bit le...cos wen i used dialup dis happened n wif broadband,it stil repeat!!man!!!

Last Saturday,i watched 'the promise' at Junction 8 ard 9 plus wif my lil cousin,Said n sis...good show...quite an interesting story n the korean guy,my idol!!! rili learned mandarin for his role...salute him!!!!wen i left e cinema i was kinda shocked to see lots o' ppl in e mall... i forgot dat during christmas season, e mall wil close quite late...it was so2 packo..however my eyes were too sleepy so i nvr stayed long...n on dat nite too,i lost my debit card..now i'm waiting for the new card to arrive bcos no card no money.n no money means i hv to stay hm...tough luck huh?....ishk3...

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Thursday, December 22, 2005.

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hey...i'm now using broadband...so2 hepi..now i can surf whenever n how long i wan too..yezza!!!slim will b back by sat..insyaallah..
anywu..i went to kl on monday n stayed der for a nite onli at Ancasa Hotel..near Petaling Street(china town)...bit rushing n tiring but it was fun afterall..a pity my sis had to work on tuesday or it'l b 2 nites at der...
regarding e 1st pic:
shaz n her son were at my house on sunday's nite..so i put e lil guy inside my bag..hehe

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Monday, December 12, 2005.

yup..slim finally messaged me last nite ard 10+.
he said he was so busy but is coping well der...he missed me n family badly...
i'm so happy dat he msg...!!!
least i noe hows he's doing der...
he said he'l try to end his wrk fast to msg me..
if he didnt i wont mind at all..cos he msg me once d n dats enuf to last till 2 weeks...hehe

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Saturday, December 10, 2005.

been 2days since slim left for ns at bdk camp..
still no msg or call frm him yet...n i'm already missing him terribly here..sad2...
wonder wat he's doing nw?is he sleeping n eating well der?will he call me anytime sooner?
will 2 weeks pass quickly for my sake?erm...impossible rite?
its already 2 days n i'm feeling lonely already...
12 days to go...
now i'm at my cousin's place at amk...
i was out wif my cousins,kak nim,abg shah,said n my aunt,mami...
we went to dhoby ghaut,plaza sing...
in 4 days time wil b my 20 mths anniversary wif slim...
later at nite..i wil cry myself to sleep...normal...hehe..sound pathetic rite?

k gtg... tell slim i miss him to whoever who noes him...bye babies

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Friday, December 09, 2005.

in 7 hrs time..slim will going for his ns... (9.12.05).i'l b waiting for
him to cum hm in 2 weeks time.earlier i wen out wif him..headed to
singapore expo..1st trip der wif slim..my dear was clever to find his way
der...so proud o' him!john little mega sale!so many tings to
grab...but...erm...low in cash..hehe.we den had our lunch der..burger
king,rendang double meal...yummy...frm der..we headed down to hg mall wer
he collected his new "matt" material spec..$177...looks nice on him..(my
choice)hehe...next stop...punggol end..man..ders lots of mossies der(bad2
mosquitoes)!i leaned against his chest...clinging onto him like a
koala..hehe..seeing e sea n enjoying e breeze..2mr gonna b a different
day for both o' us...we stayed der till 730pm though b4 making our way to
punggol park..we chatted...talked bout e future...things rili gonna b different for
us..slim will b in camp...surviving n being a growned up man now...cnt
msg s often s last time..gonna miss him terribly but will b counting e
days till i mit him again...
s for me..i'm gonna b miss lonely..he's e closest fren i hv..aka lover...
hope i start my perm job soon...can kill e time fast n nt b missing him
too badly...:<
more independent,confident n decisive dats slim's wish for me... i'm gonna make dat happen...don worry dear...
b4 he left..he wanted to hug me..he knew my eyes was already watery by
den...:< ::but he tried to cheer me up...it didnt helped much but i did
try my best to hold back my tears..he hugged me..i hugged him back
titely..he kissed both of my cheeks...n planted one on my lips...i luv
him so much!!its so hard to c him leave but i'm sure n i noe he'l b
back..he will....one last hug n b4 riding off he said "love u" to
me..aww..dat gave me a sensational effect..he slowly ride off s i said
love u too..
haiz.. its just ns erna...come on...
tats wat i tol to myself..

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Saturday, December 03, 2005.

Today ders a Hanyut concert at East coast..i want to go!iwant to go!
but no 1 to accompany me...slim's meeting his sec fren at der ard 4pm...
1 week to go til slim go for his ns...
last tuesday..slim fetched me frm wrk n we headed down to kallang
river...nice place...(he even fetched me on monday)hepi2!
we had popcorn chickens n my fav..cheese fries!!!
it den began to rAin.drizzling followed by heavy rain..
slim was so sweet...he kept me warm n sumhow just by chillin out by e
river wif e cold weather..i was kinda enjoying myself..so was slim...:>
we sat der til 1030pm b4 making our way back despite e rainy
weather...hehe..both of us were shivering n soaking wet..poor slim had
to travel wif wet clothes s he sent me hm 1st...

i met slim again on thursday..i met him at his place n i also brought e bag dat
i got for him for his ns... hope he love it...
boy..he was so handsome!!!cant take my eyes off him!!wish i can bring him hm n show him to daddy...hehe...
i wore red von dutch mini sweater... cute...
we den made our way to jade cinema n watched Saw2..it was gruesome!!argh!!!no one's to blame except for myself cos i chose e show...i kept grabbing slim's thigh or hands wen e part gets extremely scary...head shot!oh yes..der will b blood!
poor slim..he gets grab evri now n den in e cinema..hehe..i kept covering my eyes wif my shawl...hehe..scardy cat huh?hehe...
i asked slim to bring me to east coast jetty n we bought chicken rice at beach rd b4 getting der.slim also bought 2 Ponchos just in case it rains...
so hows e overall trip der?erm...semi hepi n sad...slim's mood wasnt dat gd...(bike,money n my fault for not going to e ladies 1st)
kinda sad a bit but i shud b tankful dat his willing to take me out rite?haiz...
his mood affected e ambience at e jetty...toilet was far so e trip to e toilet cut e evening by e jetty short n i was back hm...
wat can i complain now?he's e luv o' my life
i know he is trying to make me happy..n hope he himself is happy wif me too

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Wednesday, November 23, 2005.

Yest i get to mit up wif slim,vi,fik n rahila at Marina Square..
Rainy day indeed and i was glad i wore e denim jacket..
Slim was not feeling well but glad he managed to hang on...
Anywu we watched Harry potter and it was a gd show!!
funny n bit sad..n magical indeed!!
However we didnt managed to chat much s we met ard 6 n e show ends ard 845pm.
every eyes were glued on e screen...while in e cinema...
We ate dinner at KFC n it was so cold... grrr...
my ulcer disturbed my sleep n i cant find any bonjela at hm..
so so lazy to buy one...

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Saturday, November 12, 2005.

its e 2nd week of raya..seLamat Hari Raya..maaf zahir batin..

slim's wrking nite shift at e moment... hope wrk will b ok for him later..
babe..don dwell much bout ur"prob" k
we'l handle dat together..by hook or crook aite..

wish to mit up wif my old fl0307r/x dis tuesday mebi at tm's starbuck..wondering if der wil b free...14 will b my 19 mths wif slim..mara2 but sayang gak awak kat kite ye :> wish to mit him but just keepin my fingers cross on dat..he also needs to wrk..n i'm scared he might not want to mit up too often..

9 dec..e day slim will b going for ns..its getting nearer each day...
wish to accompany him but scared i cant hold back my tears.paiseh le if i cry in front of his family...

i miss my fl0307r/x mates...

i cant wait to start my perm job..

enroll for bike prac..

cant wait for slim to finish his ns..

will i hv a future wif slim..

will i have e chance to settle down..?

i'm turning 21 soon..gd bye 20cents..hehe..

-->@ babe..finally get ur "mikuku"... dat makes e both o' us happy2...
tings may not b s wat u expected 2 be..but rest assured all dis will b over soon.. n tings will get better..just trust me ..will ya?

i may nt b e one for u
i may nt b in ur parents "GD Book"
i may say or do tings dat r hard to b swallowed wen i'm feeling down or angry
i may nt b ur drim gal
i may nt b e best

i'd luv to remain s ur lover..
i'd luv to b part of e puzzle in ur life..
try my darnest best to b e perfect galfren in ur eyes..
try my best to make u e happiest man on earth..
so long s u treasure me...@<--

Lovin u makes me being true 2myself12:10 AM

Thursday, November 10, 2005.

Love me darling
Love me true
Turn back e timing
Dat led me to u
Those tender eyes
Those sexy smile
Dat melts e ice
Dat makes me wild
I dono wat e future holds for us
I dono wat e future gonna be
Just pray hard dat we'l last
4 ur e best ting dat had happen 2 me

Lovin u makes me being true 2myself10:47 AM

Thursday, October 27, 2005.

Giving urself 2 me couldnt b wrong if e love is true

What has been must never end

Cause i believe wen i fall in love it wil b Forever>>@

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Sunday, October 23, 2005.

I'm having a running nose...cant sleep well due to dis...
yesterday me n family headed down to Geylang bazaar..it wasnt rili crowded wen i reached der but after breaking fast it was so crowded!!!it was so packo n i can barely walk..hehe...
me n sis break fast at mac n slim had his at long john suntec wif his kazen..Zaed...
earlier..i just drank milo for sahur cos i dont rili have e appetite...
hey slim wher r u?though we'r in e same country..we'r like long distance lovers..hehe..
i'm sure u'd get back 2 me soon rite?k gtg..noting much to write...
Ps:"i'm holding on"

Lovin u makes me being true 2myself4:07 PM

Saturday, October 22, 2005.

Yesterday i met slim...
B4 making our way to beach rd,slim stopped near his place's bus stop to check his back tyre..he tot it was punctured n i had to get down while he inspect it..Luckily e tyre was fine n s slim was starting his bike,2 gal walked past him wif their eyes on him..i focus my eyes on slim n e 2 gals..he too was looking at dem n turmed his head til they left...n i was der!!!even if he meant s a joke..it aint funny!!!
his eyes were so flirty s if i wasnt der..dat got into me n i tol him directly dat i dont like him starin at dem like dat wif me ard!!!
he can stil assume dat he wasnt..n was just fooling ard..wat e ?!i sumhow managed to let go o' e issue but soon i was pondering on it... wen he did dat..i can feel i'm no longer wif e guy i first stead wif...e old him would nvr do dat...
its not me whose over-reacting on dis..but since e last incident..i sim to have doubts!!i cant help it!!i felt he doesnt respect me s his gaflfren wen he looked at dem dat way.. den i got to noe dat that they were his skool mates..y cant he tell me dat earlier?
sumtime part o' me is saying dat slim is sumhow playing wif my patience n love n even after he saw me hurting wif just one glance...:< if he were to rid dis..i'm sure h wnt agree but circumstances changed me totally...haiz..

Slim sumhow knew i was moody bcos of dat..we den bought kway teow goreng at Beach rd n ate it at East coast park..it was quite deserted n dark wen we reached der but soon..i saw quite a handful o' joggers,bladers n couples seating by e seaside.
After eating,slim brought mw to e jetty wher we spent a cosy evening 2geder...enjoying e breeze,wind frm e sea n enjoying each other's warmness n i lean against his body..
At dat moment..i tried my best to sumhow erased all e bad patch in my lovelife... just putting myself into a world dat belong to only me n slim...
dEn..slim started to get sleepy n took a short nap but i kept disturbing him..he den put his arms ard me n i just stared blankly into e sea,once a while peeking at slim..
just seeing e sea makes me realised dat i'm really troubled over "US"...over e past incident..
as e wave pull e sand to e sea..i was sumhow trapped btw 2 choices...shud i just let e pAst Go or is it worth trying?Haiz..
Slim was already half asleep so he doesnt know dat i was looking troubled..i wanted to talk to him bout dis but i sumhow knew dat he wil soon get bored o' dat..of evriting...
But den wen he woke up..i tot to myself...he's my boyfren..so i shud tell him so dat he can lessen e burden dat i'm having at e moment..
to my disappointment..he said he was thirsty n decided to leave..

Half-harted..i tagged along feeling bit down...

He den headed down to hg mall..i got my sis cheese fries n accompnied him to cheers to get his red bull..
he dropped me at e usual place..i kissed his face b4 he left,waved bye n made my way hm...

I'm confused now.. i tink my feelings for him r beginning to waver..or isit bcos i'm feeling too troubled?
if dis goes on.. i'm afraid i mite leave him.. haiz.. i still love him much2 stronger den e day he sound me..haiz
14/4/04 - 22/10/05... is his love for me stronger den b4?
m i being partial/patient n made e rite decision to stay on wif him if his love 4 me r nt strong s b4?
if its only 1 yr plus n if he does lose his feelings...wat will it b 4 me in 4,5,10yrs times? :< :::
i meant if..

"to erli,u've bcome indispensible 2 my life.so special 2 me n i guess its fate dat brought us 2geder.tings don go smoothly s
we wanted it 2 but i'm sure we'l make it tru.thick o thin we shall b 2geder 4 u n onli u r e world 2me..."

"A kiss is juz a kiss.a smile is just a smile.14 april is d day i've called u mine..happy 1 yr anniversary my dear.comas but no fullstops aite..love u always!"

now i dont get dat frm him often...
i'm still holdin on to dis words...his words... but for how long?

Lovin u makes me being true 2myself1:52 PM

Friday, October 21, 2005.

HEY babIES!!!i'm back!!
its my offday since ysterday..bin wrking at Acorn for almost a month nw...
E pay aint much but still i have some money rite?...
I'l b miting slim later n will b breaking fast together at KFC near his place...
I've dying to eat dat!!!Zinger burger meal!!!cheese fries!!!yummy!!!
yest i had canadian pizza;terriyaki chicken & seafood flavour.it was worth my 21.90..hehe..mum n sis loved it so dats cool...
i'm still searching for perm job... those companies needed experience.... and as a sko0l leaver,how can i have one if dey don gif me e opportunity rite?! stooopid ppl!!!no wonder e no. of jobless ppl r increasing..duh!i asked for position at hospital n der said my level o' education aint match the position i've asked for...wtf!!! i'm nt choosy on dat man!!!n dey suka2 decide 4 me..Man..just tingking o' dis makes my blood boil..arrgh!!

k,k chill erna...i'm fasting... shud b calm... (fancy talking 2myself)aiyoyo...
Raya's coming soon... n its gonna b gothic colors for me...hehehe..cant wait to wear it... slim wil b getting e same colour s me;black...
o ya..slim wil b going for ns dis dec 12...Independence time for me huh?...
mebi gonna apply for bike prac so i can kill time..
so guys...all my ite mac mates!! hows life?hope we'l b able to go raya outing again like last time?2nd week o' raya?weekends?get back to me on dat ya asap!!!

k gtg... anting just rid my bloggy or sms me for those who knows me :>..tata!

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Tuesday, October 04, 2005.

Hey der... just wanna inform u guys dat my cousinh..huda has safely given birth to a baby gal!!!Nurin..she's so cute!!!hehe..i'l put her pic at my blog soon..i didnt get e chance to c both e mother n e child yest kos i was tied down by work..later i'l b swinging der wif slim... cant wait to hold my lil niece..wen my sis,ayu sent her pic..i was moved to tears..its Huda's junior le..i want erli'is junior soon!!!hehe..but in e future of kos...(gotta work harder man!!)khekhe..
my aunt too gave birth to a baby boy on e same day as Huda... Amazing huh!!! i wonder how dey r gonna call each other in e future... uncle? grand daughter? hehe..we'l figure dat out soon...
i want to get some baby stuff for Nurin... hope huda wil like it...
O ya..fasting month starting 2mr.... no more hanky panky guys..hehe..
well i still gotta go to work after visiting Huda n nurin....

guess i'm just in a good mood today... k gtg... luv u dear...:>

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Friday, September 23, 2005.

Hey guys...i'm back!!!hehe...anywu..guess wat u've bin missing in my life???
i've got a temp job s data entry at ACORN..clarke quay...bin wrking for almost 10 days... 7 bucks per hour... (money*5!)ders work if new project is cuming in...n i'l b getting my pay hmm3 soon....hehe...
slim's in control of his bike d.. riding well der...still searchin for a perm job n snailmailin my resume..hope to hear frm dem soon....
fasting month cuming soon...n slim's going to thailand wif his cousin,zaed at e end of dis month..lucky chap!!!
Wats bin happening to me besides dat?...erm...had my ups n down...sum "rainy season" in my life...but bottomline..i'm stil wif salimie aka slim aka my LOVER...
Basically...my job requires me to type n code..quite ok ah..hehe..sumtimes if ders lots of questionaire cuming in..dats e time i'l slack abit...
my off day...erm..if slim wants to mit me on his off day den i'l take day off..ez rite...hehe

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Monday, September 05, 2005.

i'm so bored!!!
i msg ayie if he's free later but sent it to slim instead..dat guy o' mine kept saying " bye " je...Arrgh!!!watever la...
sent lots of resumes d but no reply...slim wrk almost evriday..sent him 3 sms den he'l reply... ayie bz wif galfren...devi sumtimes here sumtimes at pontian..iz ..going to ns soon. rahila's schooling...farhana's wrking...kak nim's wrking...
i'm so frust!!!evriday at hm...
popups popping..wat e fuck!!!!

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Saturday, September 03, 2005.

Check out my helmet...don b jeALOus hor dear...hehe

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Friday, September 02, 2005.

if ya read my blog few days back..i shub b at work now..however..becos of e 2 yrs bond..i had to decline e chance to work at NNT Changi Airfreight s Junior Customer Service...
Anywu..i dis went for e TTSh interview on tuesday..e salary is 1k..ermm..much2 different from e job i've rejected...wif uniform n its office hour..if i get e call frm dem den i get e job...
Yesterday i went out wif slim..by bike..ehem...hehe..sis n mum saw us leave n said we looked cute on bike...blush2..hehe..Slim brought me to Tan Ah boy wher i got myself a white helmet daT Cost me 45 bucks.
We den headed down to Marina,ate at LJS n sat down outside MArina b4 slim sent me hm..(since wif e bike..he's sending me hm much earlier each time)

slim earlier on msg me saying he found a LG handfon..lucky him..got himself 2 latest fon d..
however..slim's feeling guilty conscious cos he found e hp soon after e biker went off while slim's unlocking his bike.
but..how i wish he'd say..hey dear..u shud take dis LG fon since urs is kinda old...haiiz..fat fat hope...

so now...i'l hv to start my job hunting again. . .

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Saturday, August 27, 2005.

yesterday i went for job interview at Cargo complex accompanied by my mum for e post o' junior customer service...hot day...had to take visitor pass...let cisco officer check my bag b4 heading to e interview place...aarrgh!!!blood goes up!!!!!
den...met kak nim,abg shah along wif their family..der r my cousins,dad's elder bro at lil india station..i also spent a nite at their place...slept ard 3 plus..sleepy....
well..ard 12 plus..noon..i received a call frm dave e assistant manager of e carge company.NNR asking if i'm still keen wif the job..well i said "yes"...he asked me to some down on monday to sign an agreement...ermm...did i hear it correctly?does it min my jobless period is over????o my god!!!slow reaction frm me..hehe..overwhelmed!!!but den..bit dilema...on tuesday..on e other hand..i have an interview at TTSH...if i sign e agreement wif NNR..of wat use is TTSH interview?rite?but to play safe..i told dave dat i'l come down on tuesday..after i go 4 e interview...hehe... stil cnt believe..my long waitin r over...bike prac..wo lai la!!!hehehe..cant wait to tel slim..he's sleeping now...wrk nite shift yesterday..k wish me trilions luck guys!!!muaaks!!!!

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wassup...i've uploaded new pics under my Pictures..do browse tru...

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Monday, August 22, 2005.

Maroon5 rox!

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Saturday, August 20, 2005.

Maroon5 rox!

busy taking pics...nice pose der iz..hehe

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After registering our names..we proceeded to e auditorium...
luckily no 1 commended onmy acne skin n short hair...hehe

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Thursday, August 11, 2005.

my mouth's burning!!!unaccidentally ate cili padi dats inside my tuna sandwich..i've gulp down a cup of cold water..hope it'l b ok soon..(tk le angs!!)noe y i wakey quite early???early morning,7am...slim took his's bike TP..now its already 10.06am n he haven response to me yet..dis is making me nervous...i told him yesterday dat if he gets his license..he shud mit me at my place n grab a bite sumwer to celebrate..how cum he haven msg me back?is he still waiting for e result or has he went hm n sumhow went bck to sleep wifout smsing me??erm...anywu..while i was reheating my tuna sandwiches..i received a kol frm an unknown no..
guess who???it was one of e companies(Global Voice) dat i've sent my resume to n dey want me to come down for an interview 2mr,9am at Lor Bakar batu(burn stone?hehe)situated near macpherson rd..wish me luck guys cause dis will b my 1st interview n both slim n e interview r making me extremely nervous to e max now....
well..gtg..i'l update soon!!tata!

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Tuesday, August 09, 2005.

Happy 40th Birthday singapore!!!
Yesterday i get to watch fireworks wif ayu n slim at esplanade!!!yeah!!!(12 midnite sharp)
Evriting was unplanned..i went out ard 2+ to mit slim at paya lebar station wer we made our way to marina carnival..I get to c live Car race!!hehe..well its not actually a race..its like mini F1...slim n i chose a car we like n most of e time..slim's choice clocked e fastest timing to e finish line..boo hoo hoo..
i get to eat e famous RotiBoy for 1st time n it was yum..yummy...hehe..we den headed down to suntec n ate dinner at KFC...our legs were already aching by e time we sat down..We left suntec ard 8+ if i'm not mistaken n hand in hand..slim brought me to bugis..i pretended to ask slim to get me a bracelet At Perlini Silver..hehe..so bad o' me..Actually...while walking at bugis junction..i was waiting for ayu's msg...so dat i can go back wif her..by e time she kol.slim tot(Boy..finally i can go hm)imagine dats his tots...but..ders twist..s ayu was out wif my lil cousin whose bif big in size.Said..they decided to mit us at Esplanade..so imagine e look on my darling's face who hv to wrk morning shift e next day..
i was reluctant to go dem at 1st but part o' me wanted to go..hehe..so we went der..n a gigg just ended..my big cousin(Abg shah)too joined us wif his galfren..nadua..i dono if i got her name rite..slim actually intended to leave after accompanyin me der but becos o' my pleadin he did stayed back till 12+..rite after e fireworks ended..
b4 dat..we watched another gigg near esplanade ...hosted by Sheikh haikel...we were entertained by A famous local band..Enigma!!one if e singers was Rozalina(singpore's dangdut queen)der played us good songs..frm maroon 5,black eyed peas,jon bon jovi,rob thomas,U2,tata young,blink 182,avril lavigne,shakira,the hoobastank etc...it was superb!!!too bad slim was bz worrying bout his morning shift..if not he surely will loosen off a bit..i'm so glad i managed to watch e fireworks wif my beloved dear though he looked bit off..n to even watch dat 2gether for e 1st time...
i reached hm ard2 ..n slim much later den dat kos he didnt take nel...well tats 4 now..tata

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Tuesday, August 02, 2005.

Ola my frens..its a Monday!!usually known s monday blues..
slim's working sunrise shift later.
anywu Friday(29/7/2005) was a tiring day + a fun day..y?...bcos i was suppose to mit devi,rahila n isaac at Marina Square for A game o' bowling.if its not bcos of my misreading..i'd not hv to make dem wait for me long n won't hv make a wasted trip to ParkwayParade...haiz..
silly me...well..i went der wif my sis n even got lost,finding dem at SuperBowl..
how silly can i be in 1 day?!
fik n slim cant join us or it'l b mor fun..hehe..
i was e lowest scorer for bowling(i just luv aiming at e "longkang")..hehe..indeed its a "Bloopers" day 4 me.B4 we played bowling..we took 2 picture cards..e pics turned out alrite...hehe..Supermodel for a day...hehe..i'l soon upload e pixs for u guys to c..soon...We also went to PS wer Iz treated us to Macs' meal..tanks ya laling!!hehe..Iz soon left 4 another appointment(bz guy!!)n den we headed hm..so guys..we'l mit again on graduation day rite?..(cant wait!!)
Yesterday my dad took my family out for dinner at Lau Pa Sat..E place was not crowded(Surprisingly) n it was easy to find e usual spot.
Dad,mum ordered sting ray,fried kailan n tom yam soup while me ordered seafood horfun n my sis,pattaya rice.
dad also ordered satay...yummy yum!
anywu..Wen our food arrived.. my mum face turned reddish..(fuming)e moment she saw e size of the paper plates..she was...(like a tigress in labour)hehe..
E plate was too small..i knew she'l start complaining til she finish her food..dad just kept quiet n ate his meal..dats e 2nd time she reacted dat way at Lau Pa sat..haiz..
After dinner..we made our way to esplanade..we sat der,enjoying e breeze til 10 + n went hm by cab...
Erm...i'm thinking of gettin a hair cut..wat say u guys?..slim loves my hair just e way it is now..
split ends at e ends of my hair..(duh..dat is y its called split ends..silly me)its kinda dry(coarsey feeling)but shud i keep my hair length?dats troubling me now..
another prob..its my face!!!so many spots..how can i b at my graduation day looking like i'm having measles?!i'm feelin so self-conscious now..
don tel me my face doesnt look bad.. cause it aint gonna changed e fact dat its rili bad
I drank lots of plain water..ate no chocolates..wash my face twice a day..wat more can i do??it just kept popping each day!!!
i even used proactive solution n it only ruin my face(caused me 89 buck!!!)...haiz...i guess i'l b at mt graduation day looking down constantly..i wont want ppl to c my acne face..
i've been having dis problem since my secondary years n i rili had enough of it!!!wen will it stop?!!!!aargh!!!

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Wednesday, July 27, 2005.

I rili cant wait to mit up wif my Fl0307R/X mates...
17 August is my graduation day & i rili hope most of my mates swill turn up on dis joyous occasion..
i still have no clue on wat to wear on dat day!!argh!!chu ming ah!!! hehe
By e way..i didnt get e job dat Farhana told e other day..Marina(Far's fwen) got it instead..lucky woman..
I'm still doin my job hunting n rili hope i get a job soon..but how soon can dat b?? hmm...
today i'm stuck at hm again...where can i go???
ard 3pm..i'l be switching on my tv..to watch Debbie Travis..Duh..hehe
Slim's wrking morning shift n will onli msg me ard 3plus to 4pm if he's free..
Lonely..i'm so lonely..i've nobody xcept 4 myself...

Lovin u makes me being true 2myself2:27 PM

Monday, July 25, 2005.

Poor slim..He's down wif FLu..glad he gets e day off or i'l have 2
whack his boss up..hehe(gangter seh!!)hehe..
by now Slim shub b in lalaland after poppin down those drowsy meds..
hope u get well soon dear..;>
anywu..I woke up ard 10 plus n had to wait for 5 hours b4 my
mum put down e phone wif my aunt..Women...enuf of e gossip!!!
will ya?yeah..i was getting impatient by den s i nid to check
my mails..who knows i'l b shortlisted for job interviews..
S i was lying down..farhana called me up..(my bestfwen)..
she said her workplace needed ppl...for Data entry..
today's her 1st day at work n its 7 bucks per hour!!! can u diggit!!!
gee...i rili hope i didnt heard it wrongly..hehe..n its at Clarke quay..
Tonite i'l b waitin for far's call to fill me in more bout e job..i'l hv
to mit up wif one of far's fren..marina..2mr b4 heading down to clarke quay..
i rili hope i get e job..even if it is just a temporary one..

Man..i can smell e money n hear e sound o' money rolling..hehe..

Wish me luck k guys...:>

(ps: i had to reconnect 5 times to get online..Darned dialup!!!)

Lovin u makes me being true 2myself5:16 PM


WaSsUP Babies..
let me tell ya wat actually happen on Slim's bday(5July2005)
I left hm ard 730am n made my way 2 Slim's void deck..
e moment i saw him,i handed e e plastic bag dat contained snax 2 him ,kissed his cheek
n wished him Happy birthday!hehe..
First stop..Sentosa's siloso beach..only Fik joined us on dat day..iz..who promised to join us was nowhere in sight..
so bad o' him...hmmph!
fik brought drinks n fruits..i brought snax n mat..
After slim ate his chicken rice..i got him to sit at e mat n handed him his present..wifout hesitating..
i told him to open it up..so vain o' me..hehe
He was very happy wif my gift..Hugo boss Perfume..

Around noon,we packed up n made our way to cathay cineleisure wer we watched War o' e world.
I tot it was about earthquake..well by now..i'm pretty sure u guys know wats e show about rite?
earth being attacked by aliens..n tomCruise e hero in dat show..came 2 e rescue..
i love spielberg!!!hehe..

after e show..e 3 o' us headed down to Far east n ate at der b4 slim sent me hm..
Overall..slim enjoyed e outing though i didnt planned it too well..

(To fik:tanks 4 taking e time off wif us..rili appreciate it..:)
so 14 july was my 15 mths anniversary wif Slim..(sorie if i've mention bout dis d)
Lovey-dovey n all's cool..wo si huan!!!!

e next day..which was a Friday..i met my gd buddy..Ayie... 4 lunch..
we ate at Compasspoint's BK n we'r both quite awkward at first..
Ayie kept spotting on my mistakes n i almost strangled him which i didnt(i didnt k dear)hehe
After dat..we went to east coast cause we had nowhere else 2 go..hehe..
Otw der..ayie got us lost..hehe.. n even drove to the wrong end of east coast..dats my silly buddy/bro..
We sat at e waterbreaker opp. o' 7 11 n stayed der less den an hour..
did u noe y?..my mum called n i got kanchong..hehe..

(ps:i already wrote bout slim bday but i forget 2 upload it..haiz..silly me)

i've 4 wisdom teeth coming out in my mouth..can u imagine e pain i'm enduring now?!..aargh!!
i'm having a fever nw n its all bcause o'e 4 teeth..boohoohoo..

how i wish i'm using broadband now...its juz so hard 2 stay online using dialup!!!:<

Lovin u makes me being true 2myself4:24 PM

Friday, July 22, 2005.

dis foto was taken during my class last chalet..near e east coast's chalet lobby..e 2nd time we ever took pix 2gether..hehe..
slim bought the op black t 4 me...

Lovin u makes me being true 2myself1:47 PM


so much has happened in my life..
sec life wasn't s great s my ite life..
however..i had my first crush at sgt..dats my sec sch.(serangoon garden technical)
wen i saw ahmad fadhli..i was blushing(itchy me)hehe
had 2 closest fwens..farhana aka ct nurhaliza clone/itik n zahari/ayie aka nyet..
i eventually fell in luv wif both ahmad n ayie n caused ayie 2 get hurt in d end..
i scored badly for my o level bcause of dat n till 2day i still felt bad for my immaturity
n hurting ayie over n over again..

2 yrs has passed now n i'm still in contact wif both ayie n farhana..ayie's in ngee ann poly n driving a car now..lucky him..
my life at ite macpherson..erm........so mant tings to tell.. n i dono wer 2 begin
just e 1st day at skool, i'm already acquainted wif suaad,sumanti n aden..n dats wer our
frenship begins.ders also nurul,sammy,yan,yann,hafiiz,man,rahila,devi,taufik,fazdzlie,iz n Salimie
who happens to be my boyfren too!hehe..
i onli begin talking 2 slim in e middle of yr 1..onli after he got rid of his mat johor hairstyle n to
a hunk.hehe....fl0307r/x dats my class..we shared 2 quality yrs wif lesser student each month..i miss u guys badly..
we enjoyed having chalet so most of our skool holidays r at chalets..fun fun fun!!!
i only became quite close wif slim during our 2nd class chalet..n soon.14 april 04..he asked me r u gonna b my gal?
hahaha..dramatic ...hehe cute of him..
though slim used to b all quiet ard me..luckily he open up 2 me soon after we became a couple n its bin 15 mths plus 4 us now.
o yeah ders squabbles now n den..but we still make it true cause i love him 2 much..vice versa la..hehe

however..if slim goes 4 his ns..i'l be quite lonely..aida n nisah are not in gd terms wif me...
lots to tell but well to make it short..if nisa were to admit dat she's wrong..all dis wont happened.
aida n e other hand..nvr stood up for me wen i'm being maligned..dat saddened me..
even though aida do contact me despite her mum's objection..i no longer can be dat close 2 her..
n pretend dat noting has happen rite?e last call i got frm aida was more den 4 months ago..
she didnt even apologize 2 me n even can say dat her mum is rite n she respects her mum..
sims she prefer being wif her guy rather den with her cousins..
(aniwu..nisah n aida r twins n happen 2 b my cousins)

i rili hope i can find a job soon..n always have slim by my side..

Lovin u makes me being true 2myself1:11 AM


i'm still jobless!applied for quite a no. of govt jobs d but no reply..haiz..patience..last 14 was my 15 months anniversary wif slim..fun n being so loving..wo si huan..hehe..s i'm typing..my deary cat,boboy is sleeping rite next to my keyboard..hehe..isit wrong of me to choose working life over studies?haiz...
pls let b luck b wif me..

Lovin u makes me being true 2myself12:12 AM

Sunday, June 26, 2005.

Its bin a while since i've log in..so much has happened in my life now..stil wif slim..whose constantly working.haven seen him for almost 2 weeks..miss giler!!!!dono if he misses me e same way i m now...pathetic huh...i'm quite lonely now..all of my mates r busy..rahila,aden n derrick r taking their higher nitec course at itc tampines.all e best guys..mizz u lots!!!iz..guess he's bz helping his mum..devi mebi's back at pontian..taufik..guess he's bz too..i'm looking for job now...i'm constantly looking at my hp..waiting for slim's msg...noe he's tired n nids his rest..felt neglected a bit..but..can i complain?hehe..wat a bonus question...blAME it on me for not having much close fren besides slim..wat happens wen i start working?mebi we'l only call or sms each other on weekends..sumtimes i have e feeling dat he's losing interest on me...must b my imagination rite..i m only human after all..sensitive..emotional..i usually ignore dat negative totts of mine cause sumhow i knew dat he loves me still..

anyway..last 14 jun was our 14 months anniversary 2gether..no kiss frm him..hehe..u owe me 1 on my forehead mister..hehe..hope we'l get to mit up soon..so s for now..i'l wait for his msg b4 i msg him..who knows i'l b msging at e wrong time.

Lovin u makes me being true 2myself3:30 AM

Friday, May 13, 2005.

yesterday was my last day at skool....tooks some pics wif my classmates.my group's online dairy presentation went well..all tanks to rahila...tanks galfren!!wednesday will be my 1 n only test n it'l b bye2 to my mates n teachers n skool...i'l hv to get used to the idea of not meeting slim so often...i'l miss dat..i hope i'l get gd results n a good job..same goes to all my mates...guys...fl0307x..tanks for the wonderful 2yrs in class.. forget me not hor..hehe..anywu..14 may is my 1yr 1mth anniversary wif slim...hehe..luv u..hehe..21 may's dad bday...so tats all 4 now..ciao babies!!!

Lovin u makes me being true 2myself6:04 PM

Thursday, April 28, 2005.

woohoo!finally 1 yr...had our ups n downs but we still made it thru baby!!!"ther's always comas in our relationship..but nvr wil ther b a fullstop..."I bought for slim a ring with a black stone...nice!!he got for me taka chain n a razor pendant..cool combination!!!anyway..slim got his dream hp..k700I!...happy for him!!!skool about to end...i'm not intending to continue studying..i guess its working time for me!!hope i get a gd job..govt of course!!!slim will be serving his ns soon..so i'l be alone...kinda sad..come to tink of it..he's nvr been away frm me..i don tink i'l b sending him off..i'm afraid i'l be crying...i'l pray for his well-being,health n safety always wen he serve his ns..luv u dear..

Lovin u makes me being true 2myself3:32 PM

GossipGal Chemical life
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Have an unpredictable temper(anger-management)

GossipGal LuV life
I'm not single..
AttaChed on 14.4.04
a poor guy has gone into my clutches,khekhe..
Going to 21 mths dis 14th Jan 06 wif SLim Totti..
Veri much in love wif him

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I luv Animals n hv 2 pet Cats dat Constantly lite up my days(Boboy n GurGirl)

GossipGal WisH
TO stay bubbly n Excited Bout Making My JOurney wif Him By My Side
To Settle Down n hv an everLAstin Marriage n hv my Juniors..hehe..
TO get A perM job Soon
hope To have a wonderful n memorable class Reunion chalet on 20-1-06
Wish TO Celebrate my 21st bday wif my b,frens,cousins n family
Hopefully NO one Forgets My Bday
I want Presents!!lots o' DEM!!
levi's skirt/pants
new wallet(or shud i call it purse)
a silver/white goldpendant wif my name on it
a keychain wif my lover n my pic on it
Finally to look extremely gd on my bday

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