Friday, July 22, 2005.

dis foto was taken during my class last chalet..near e east coast's chalet lobby..e 2nd time we ever took pix 2gether..hehe..
slim bought the op black t 4 me...

Lovin u makes me being true 2myself1:47 PM


so much has happened in my life..
sec life wasn't s great s my ite life..
however..i had my first crush at sgt..dats my sec sch.(serangoon garden technical)
wen i saw ahmad fadhli..i was blushing(itchy me)hehe
had 2 closest fwens..farhana aka ct nurhaliza clone/itik n zahari/ayie aka nyet..
i eventually fell in luv wif both ahmad n ayie n caused ayie 2 get hurt in d end..
i scored badly for my o level bcause of dat n till 2day i still felt bad for my immaturity
n hurting ayie over n over again..

2 yrs has passed now n i'm still in contact wif both ayie n farhana..ayie's in ngee ann poly n driving a car now..lucky him..
my life at ite macpherson..erm........so mant tings to tell.. n i dono wer 2 begin
just e 1st day at skool, i'm already acquainted wif suaad,sumanti n aden..n dats wer our
frenship begins.ders also nurul,sammy,yan,yann,hafiiz,man,rahila,devi,taufik,fazdzlie,iz n Salimie
who happens to be my boyfren too!hehe..
i onli begin talking 2 slim in e middle of yr 1..onli after he got rid of his mat johor hairstyle n to
a hunk.hehe....fl0307r/x dats my class..we shared 2 quality yrs wif lesser student each month..i miss u guys badly..
we enjoyed having chalet so most of our skool holidays r at chalets..fun fun fun!!!
i only became quite close wif slim during our 2nd class chalet..n soon.14 april 04..he asked me r u gonna b my gal?
hahaha..dramatic ...hehe cute of him..
though slim used to b all quiet ard me..luckily he open up 2 me soon after we became a couple n its bin 15 mths plus 4 us now.
o yeah ders squabbles now n den..but we still make it true cause i love him 2 much..vice versa la..hehe

however..if slim goes 4 his ns..i'l be quite lonely..aida n nisah are not in gd terms wif me...
lots to tell but well to make it short..if nisa were to admit dat she's wrong..all dis wont happened.
aida n e other hand..nvr stood up for me wen i'm being maligned..dat saddened me..
even though aida do contact me despite her mum's objection..i no longer can be dat close 2 her..
n pretend dat noting has happen rite?e last call i got frm aida was more den 4 months ago..
she didnt even apologize 2 me n even can say dat her mum is rite n she respects her mum..
sims she prefer being wif her guy rather den with her cousins..
(aniwu..nisah n aida r twins n happen 2 b my cousins)

i rili hope i can find a job soon..n always have slim by my side..

Lovin u makes me being true 2myself1:11 AM


i'm still jobless!applied for quite a no. of govt jobs d but no reply..haiz..patience..last 14 was my 15 months anniversary wif slim..fun n being so loving..wo si huan..hehe..s i'm typing..my deary cat,boboy is sleeping rite next to my keyboard..hehe..isit wrong of me to choose working life over studies?haiz...
pls let b luck b wif me..

Lovin u makes me being true 2myself12:12 AM

GossipGal Chemical life
WAts my name?nt important
i'M 20 dis yr on 19/2/85-leaving my Teen Yrs sOon
Sch?:Xinghua Pri Sch,PunggOL PRi,Serangoon Garden Technical,ITe COllege Central(MAcPherson)
Have an unpredictable temper(anger-management)

GossipGal LuV life
I'm not single..
AttaChed on 14.4.04
a poor guy has gone into my clutches,khekhe..
Going to 21 mths dis 14th Jan 06 wif SLim Totti..
Veri much in love wif him

GossipGal AdoreS
Gettin Pampered
GetTing Lil Gifts frm my b:SaLimie
Seeking Attention,utmosT Attention frm Him
Always Improving my attiTude For Him n Us
Writing Endless Poems Dat is InspiREd bY Him
Making pPL Ard me Laughing at my Bloopers n Funny Attitude
I luv Animals n hv 2 pet Cats dat Constantly lite up my days(Boboy n GurGirl)

GossipGal WisH
TO stay bubbly n Excited Bout Making My JOurney wif Him By My Side
To Settle Down n hv an everLAstin Marriage n hv my Juniors..hehe..
TO get A perM job Soon
hope To have a wonderful n memorable class Reunion chalet on 20-1-06
Wish TO Celebrate my 21st bday wif my b,frens,cousins n family
Hopefully NO one Forgets My Bday
I want Presents!!lots o' DEM!!
levi's skirt/pants
new wallet(or shud i call it purse)
a silver/white goldpendant wif my name on it
a keychain wif my lover n my pic on it
Finally to look extremely gd on my bday

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