Tuesday, August 02, 2005.

Ola my frens..its a Monday!!usually known s monday blues..
slim's working sunrise shift later.
anywu Friday(29/7/2005) was a tiring day + a fun day..y?...bcos i was suppose to mit devi,rahila n isaac at Marina Square for A game o' bowling.if its not bcos of my misreading..i'd not hv to make dem wait for me long n won't hv make a wasted trip to ParkwayParade...haiz..
silly me...well..i went der wif my sis n even got lost,finding dem at SuperBowl..
how silly can i be in 1 day?!
fik n slim cant join us or it'l b mor fun..hehe..
i was e lowest scorer for bowling(i just luv aiming at e "longkang")..hehe..indeed its a "Bloopers" day 4 me.B4 we played bowling..we took 2 picture cards..e pics turned out alrite...hehe..Supermodel for a day...hehe..i'l soon upload e pixs for u guys to c..soon...We also went to PS wer Iz treated us to Macs' meal..tanks ya laling!!hehe..Iz soon left 4 another appointment(bz guy!!)n den we headed hm..so guys..we'l mit again on graduation day rite?..(cant wait!!)
Yesterday my dad took my family out for dinner at Lau Pa Sat..E place was not crowded(Surprisingly) n it was easy to find e usual spot.
Dad,mum ordered sting ray,fried kailan n tom yam soup while me ordered seafood horfun n my sis,pattaya rice.
dad also ordered satay...yummy yum!
anywu..Wen our food arrived.. my mum face turned reddish..(fuming)e moment she saw e size of the paper plates..she was...(like a tigress in labour)hehe..
E plate was too small..i knew she'l start complaining til she finish her food..dad just kept quiet n ate his meal..dats e 2nd time she reacted dat way at Lau Pa sat..haiz..
After dinner..we made our way to esplanade..we sat der,enjoying e breeze til 10 + n went hm by cab...
Erm...i'm thinking of gettin a hair cut..wat say u guys?..slim loves my hair just e way it is now..
split ends at e ends of my hair..(duh..dat is y its called split ends..silly me)its kinda dry(coarsey feeling)but shud i keep my hair length?dats troubling me now..
another prob..its my face!!!so many spots..how can i b at my graduation day looking like i'm having measles?!i'm feelin so self-conscious now..
don tel me my face doesnt look bad.. cause it aint gonna changed e fact dat its rili bad
I drank lots of plain water..ate no chocolates..wash my face twice a day..wat more can i do??it just kept popping each day!!!
i even used proactive solution n it only ruin my face(caused me 89 buck!!!)...haiz...i guess i'l b at mt graduation day looking down constantly..i wont want ppl to c my acne face..
i've been having dis problem since my secondary years n i rili had enough of it!!!wen will it stop?!!!!aargh!!!

Lovin u makes me being true 2myself11:20 AM

GossipGal Chemical life
WAts my name?nt important
i'M 20 dis yr on 19/2/85-leaving my Teen Yrs sOon
Sch?:Xinghua Pri Sch,PunggOL PRi,Serangoon Garden Technical,ITe COllege Central(MAcPherson)
Have an unpredictable temper(anger-management)

GossipGal LuV life
I'm not single..
AttaChed on 14.4.04
a poor guy has gone into my clutches,khekhe..
Going to 21 mths dis 14th Jan 06 wif SLim Totti..
Veri much in love wif him

GossipGal AdoreS
Gettin Pampered
GetTing Lil Gifts frm my b:SaLimie
Seeking Attention,utmosT Attention frm Him
Always Improving my attiTude For Him n Us
Writing Endless Poems Dat is InspiREd bY Him
Making pPL Ard me Laughing at my Bloopers n Funny Attitude
I luv Animals n hv 2 pet Cats dat Constantly lite up my days(Boboy n GurGirl)

GossipGal WisH
TO stay bubbly n Excited Bout Making My JOurney wif Him By My Side
To Settle Down n hv an everLAstin Marriage n hv my Juniors..hehe..
TO get A perM job Soon
hope To have a wonderful n memorable class Reunion chalet on 20-1-06
Wish TO Celebrate my 21st bday wif my b,frens,cousins n family
Hopefully NO one Forgets My Bday
I want Presents!!lots o' DEM!!
levi's skirt/pants
new wallet(or shud i call it purse)
a silver/white goldpendant wif my name on it
a keychain wif my lover n my pic on it
Finally to look extremely gd on my bday

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