Saturday, December 03, 2005.

Today ders a Hanyut concert at East coast..i want to go!iwant to go!
but no 1 to accompany me...slim's meeting his sec fren at der ard 4pm...
1 week to go til slim go for his ns...
last tuesday..slim fetched me frm wrk n we headed down to kallang
river...nice place...(he even fetched me on monday)hepi2!
we had popcorn chickens n my fav..cheese fries!!!
it den began to rAin.drizzling followed by heavy rain..
slim was so sweet...he kept me warm n sumhow just by chillin out by e
river wif e cold weather..i was kinda enjoying myself..so was slim...:>
we sat der til 1030pm b4 making our way back despite e rainy
weather...hehe..both of us were shivering n soaking wet..poor slim had
to travel wif wet clothes s he sent me hm 1st...

i met slim again on thursday..i met him at his place n i also brought e bag dat
i got for him for his ns... hope he love it...
boy..he was so handsome!!!cant take my eyes off him!!wish i can bring him hm n show him to daddy...hehe...
i wore red von dutch mini sweater... cute...
we den made our way to jade cinema n watched Saw2..it was gruesome!!argh!!!no one's to blame except for myself cos i chose e show...i kept grabbing slim's thigh or hands wen e part gets extremely scary...head shot!oh yes..der will b blood!
poor slim..he gets grab evri now n den in e cinema..hehe..i kept covering my eyes wif my shawl...hehe..scardy cat huh?hehe...
i asked slim to bring me to east coast jetty n we bought chicken rice at beach rd b4 getting der.slim also bought 2 Ponchos just in case it rains...
so hows e overall trip der?erm...semi hepi n sad...slim's mood wasnt dat gd...(bike,money n my fault for not going to e ladies 1st)
kinda sad a bit but i shud b tankful dat his willing to take me out rite?haiz...
his mood affected e ambience at e jetty...toilet was far so e trip to e toilet cut e evening by e jetty short n i was back hm...
wat can i complain now?he's e luv o' my life
i know he is trying to make me happy..n hope he himself is happy wif me too

Lovin u makes me being true 2myself3:14 PM

GossipGal Chemical life
WAts my name?nt important
i'M 20 dis yr on 19/2/85-leaving my Teen Yrs sOon
Sch?:Xinghua Pri Sch,PunggOL PRi,Serangoon Garden Technical,ITe COllege Central(MAcPherson)
Have an unpredictable temper(anger-management)

GossipGal LuV life
I'm not single..
AttaChed on 14.4.04
a poor guy has gone into my clutches,khekhe..
Going to 21 mths dis 14th Jan 06 wif SLim Totti..
Veri much in love wif him

GossipGal AdoreS
Gettin Pampered
GetTing Lil Gifts frm my b:SaLimie
Seeking Attention,utmosT Attention frm Him
Always Improving my attiTude For Him n Us
Writing Endless Poems Dat is InspiREd bY Him
Making pPL Ard me Laughing at my Bloopers n Funny Attitude
I luv Animals n hv 2 pet Cats dat Constantly lite up my days(Boboy n GurGirl)

GossipGal WisH
TO stay bubbly n Excited Bout Making My JOurney wif Him By My Side
To Settle Down n hv an everLAstin Marriage n hv my Juniors..hehe..
TO get A perM job Soon
hope To have a wonderful n memorable class Reunion chalet on 20-1-06
Wish TO Celebrate my 21st bday wif my b,frens,cousins n family
Hopefully NO one Forgets My Bday
I want Presents!!lots o' DEM!!
levi's skirt/pants
new wallet(or shud i call it purse)
a silver/white goldpendant wif my name on it
a keychain wif my lover n my pic on it
Finally to look extremely gd on my bday

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